How to Choose the Right Home Comfort Products

How to Choose the Right Home Comfort Products

The indoor environment of a modern home can be moderated to be in a state of consistent comfort using home comfort products. However, choosing the right products require knowledge of not only what functions the products offer, but also how their size, efficiency and costs are related. You should also be updated with the accessories that are available for the products. Expert advice is often necessary to make the right decisions.

Rodman’s Heating & Air Conditioning has been providing home comfort products and services since 1949. Over the years, we have observed and identified the factors that play a key role in choosing the right home comfort products for a home.

Things to Look Out For When Choosing Home Comfort Products

Home comfort products like air conditioners, heat pumps, furnaces and boilers are priced according to their efficiency and size. Each brand has a variation of the specific functions that they include in these products but the main thing to check is their efficiency ratings. When you are purchasing home comfort products, check for these three ratings:

  • AFUE (Average Fuel Utilization Efficiency) – This measures the fuel efficiency of gas and oil-run furnaces. A good quality furnace will have an AFUE rating anywhere between 78 to 98 percent.
  • HSPF (Heating Seasonal Performance Factor) – This measures the efficiency of heat pumps. Good heat pumps have a rating between 7.7 and 13.
  • SEER (Seasonal Energy Efficiency Rating) – This is the standard efficiency rating for HVAC systems. Regulations have mandated that air conditioners and heat pumps must at least have a SEER rating of 13 and the ratings go as high as 30.

HVAC systems last a long time, so if you are planning on staying at your current location for over 15 years, purchasing a system that has a high-efficiency rating will be the best choice. Even though the initial investment is higher, you will be able to compensate for it on your monthly energy bills and maintenance costs.

Before you set out to make any purchases, you need to make a full assessment of your home to understand the heating and cooling needs in all the areas. The area of the house must be properly calculated to know the volume of air that needs to be regulated, so that you can purchase the right-sized air conditioner and furnace. If you buy HVAC systems without keeping in mind the size of the house, you will end up losing money. If you buy a bigger system, you will shell out more than you need to and the system will consume more energy. If you buy a smaller system, it will have to work harder, which will reduce its lifespan and it still might not be able to sufficiently regulate the temperature.

Heat pumps are a clean and energy-efficient alternative to the combination of air conditioner and furnace. However, in extremely cold temperatures, they require additional accessories to heat the indoors to a sufficient level but in the process, they lose their energy efficiency. So, it is necessary to plan your home comfort product purchases while keeping in mind the climatic conditions of your location.


Home comfort products are made much more user-friendly by accessories like humidifiers, air filters and thermostats.

  • Humidifiers are very beneficial to the house as furnaces dry out the air as they heat it. However, most humidifiers on the market run a risk of collecting water as they operate, which can cause bacteria growth. So, look into steam humidifiers that don’t have this problem.
  • Air filters are a necessary addition if you have dust/pollen allergies. However, regular air filters like Ionizers actually produce ozone which causes lung irritation. They do not really get rid of dust or allergens. So, always purchase an air filter that is classified as having a HEPA filter, which is a high-efficiency filter that traps dust particles, allergens and mould spores.
  • Programmable thermostats allow you to set a schedule for temperatures. Smart thermostats learn your habits and adjust the settings automatically. Geofencing thermostats can help you save energy when you are away and regulate the temperature according to your preferences when you re-enter your home.

You should always purchase home comfort products from brands that have a reputation for quality and reliability. To be able to choose the right home comfort products, you should know how to choose the right HVAC contractor. Count on Rodman’s Heating & Air Conditioning for all your home comfort products and services throughout the Durham area and Ajax. We offer furnace installation services , air conditioning equipment , water heaters and more.

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