Gas Fireplaces

Gas fireplaces can create a heat source perfect for nights spent at home with family or a cozy night alone. Rodman’s Heating & Air Conditioning offers gas fireplaces services in the Durham region, including installation and gas fireplace repair near you.

Energy-Efficient Gas Fireplaces

Gas fireplaces are an energy-efficient and cost-effective way to add both ambiance and warmth to a home. They are clean, easy to care for, and produce 99% less particulate emissions than a wood-burning fireplace. In the event of a lengthy power failure, they serve as an excellent heat source.

When you’re looking for a high-quality gas fireplace service, our team is your best choice. Rodman’s gas fireplaces service helps you easily transform an empty wall or corner into a focal point of warmth and beauty, bringing comfort and enjoyment to your home, offering style and function.

Our top-notch technicians are the best people to handle your systems, giving you maximum safety and reliability. Whether you’re planning on using the fireplace for occasional nights of warm conversation, or an extra source of heat in the colder months, our technicians have all the tools needed to bring your vision for a fireplace into reality.

Contact us today for a gas fireplace installation near you. We are eager to be at your service.

why choose us?

When choosing a gas fireplace for your home, there are many systems to choose from. We offer various types of gas fireplaces with different features, including decorative mantels. Through our expert installation team, we will make sure you have the optimal fireplace in your home. We also have financing options available to our customers.


Gas fireplaces have never been simpler to install. When you need professional installation for your gas fireplace, call Rodman’s. We carry the finest brands, install them to fit your needs, and offer outstanding service.

Our installation service is the most cost-effective way to enjoy having a gas fireplace today. We come to you to install the unit, securing the system to your structure, providing you with all required permits, and providing you with a customized remote control for operation.


Don’t risk the safety of you and your houseguests with unsafe gas fireplaces. We provide annual maintenance that will extend the life of your fireplace and ensure safe operation.

A certified technician will check to make sure that all the parts of your fireplace are in optimal working order. Trust our certified technicians to catch any potentially dangerous issues with your fireplace before they become a major problem.

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Enjoy the best selection of Continentals custom-made fireplaces, innovative designs, and unequaled craftsmanship. We offer a variety of options for our customers so they can choose what best fits their needs.

service oriented

As a proactive and responsive company, we can meet your needs and keep you warm. We offer quick and reliable installation and are among the best gas fireplace repair and replacement companies.

quality products

Our company will provide customer service that is second to none. Our highly trained and experienced staff members are equipped to provide a safe and reliable service for your home.

Kirk and his [Rodman’s] team go the extra mile to make sure any install is done correctly. From Deb in the office to the techs that come to your residence, they are all class acts all the way. From annual furnace cleaning, new gas line installs or brand new central air conditioners - all were done correctly and on time.

our unique approach

We believe fireplaces are more than the tools of home warmth, they are also a focal point of any room. Therefore, our team of professionals at Rodman’s is committed to creating the ultimate fireplaces for your home.

We will survey your space and provide the best solution for the design you want. Our design team will work with you to form a custom-made solution that will give warmth and beautification to your home, as well as creating a sense of well-being and visual appeal. All of our units meet the strictest codes and standards so you can relax knowing we only choose quality products and materials.

Our service also includes water heater repair in Oshawa and the Durham region.

Some Questions You May Have

A gas fireplace is a smart addition to any home and add both style and function. Introduce warmth and class to your home – with no mess, no fuss, and no odor. We are proud to be considered one of the best gas fireplace Installation companies in the Durham region. We are eager to answer your questions and give you the best possible solution.
The gas fireplace works by having a gas line installed into the fireplace, then the gas supply is turned on and lit. Once filled with fuel, the propane or natural gas will start feeding into the firebox where it heats the material inside. They also come with fireplace logs.

Gas fireplace logs are made from ceramic or other materials that replicate the superior appearance of a wood log set. A gas fireplace log sets always uses a vented gas log burner to produce the flame effect. It is an attractive alternative to traditional fireplaces and, if properly installed and maintained, can provide years of trouble-free operation.
Gas fireplaces are much more cost-effective to run than an electric fireplace. Electric fireplaces require a power source which you pay for whether it’s being used or not, while gas fireplaces use gas that is stored in a tank. Natural gas is inexpensive, so your cost to run the fireplace is significantly less.

Gas fireplaces are also cleaner burning so there are no harmful emissions released into your home.
Yes! Gas fireplaces are perfectly safe when properly installed. They emit no emissions of any kind. Many homeowners have them in their homes because they’re easy to use, convenient to light, and deliver comforting warmth.

They are an increasingly popular alternative to electric fireplaces, wood-burning fireplaces, pellet stoves, or wood-burning stoves.