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Energy Efficient Gas Fireplaces for your Ajax Home

Gas fireplaces are an energy-efficient, cost-effective way to add both ambience and warmth to a home. They are clean, easy to care for and produce 99% less particulate emissions than a wood-burning fireplace. In the event of a lengthy power failure, they serve as an excellent heat source, no need to worry about having a large supply of wood on hand. A working fireplace is also high on the list of features for home buyers. You can turn to Rodman’s Heating & Air Conditioning for services related to gas fireplaces in Ajax and Durham Region.

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Why Should You Choose Us?

Selecting a gas fireplace that complements the décor and aesthetics of your home can be difficult. Rodman’s Heating and Air Conditioning has various types of gas fireplaces to choose from. Here’s why you should choose us:

Wide Range of Varieties

There are numerous gas fireplace types, models, and sizes to choose from. Our certified installers can install a new unit or retrofit an existing fireplace. We will help you choose the best fireplace for your needs and budget. You can take a look at our financing options if you are thinking of installing a new furnace or replacing your old one.

Maintenance Services

Regardless of the type of fireplace you have, proper maintenance is the key to ensuring its energy efficiency, safety and longevity. Rodman’s Heating & Air Conditioning offers annual maintenance for all brands of gas fireplaces. A certified technician will check to make sure the combustion venting, gas pilot safety system and other parts of the fireplace are in optimal working order, in addition to ensuring that all the components are clean and aesthetically-pleasing. We also provide proactive care services for your gas fireplace to keep them operating efficiently.


  • Versatile — There are numerous choices of both gas stoves and inserts to choose from. Venting options vary based on your home but all models offer the smallest, architecturally pleasing vent termination in the industry.
  • Reliable — Power failure? No need to worry with a built-in millivolt system or electronic ignition, no electricity is required to light or operate your fireplace.
  • Safe — 100% Safe Guard™ gas control system automatically and quickly shuts off the gas supply for your peace of mind.
  • Appearance — Attractive ceramic logs and glowing embers, realistic adjustable dancing flames, and a variety of finishes and optional decorative accessories.

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Rely on Rodman’s Heating and Air Conditioning for quality fireplace services for your Ajax home. Contact us today to make an informed decision.

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Gas fireplace installation, repairs, and replacement services available.

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