Protection Plans


Just imagine knowing that an unexpected and expensive gas furnace or air conditioner repair is covered under the Rodman’s Protection Plan. For the term of the plan, you can avoid the discomfort and annoyance of a costly breakdown. Unplanned repair bills will be a thing of the past. Rodman’s will pick up the tab for any and all heating or air conditioning repairs, including parts*.

Why should I put a protection plan on my gas furnace or air conditioner?


  • Protection against large repair bills and unbudgeted expenses.
  • HVAC parts and labour costs continue to rise with time. With a protection plan you can guard against these costs.
  • Mechanical products sometimes fail even though millions of dollars have been invested in their design. Even the best systems have parts that will fail over time – gas furnaces and air conditioners are no exception.

Here are some examples of the most common breakdowns and the average repair costs:


  • Gas Valve – $500-$800
  • Ventor Motor – $400-$700home-protection-plan
  • Circuit Board – $500-$800

Signing up with Rodman’s Furnace or Air Conditioner Protection Plan is a smart way to ensure that no matter what the weather does, your home heating and cooling system will be at peak performance exactly when you need it. Our plan offers parts and labour coverage for the length of the term (usually one year), plus 24/7 emergency service for your heating or air conditioning system and no cap on repairs.

*Some exceptions apply; call for more details.