Gas Lines


Gas line installation

gas lineGas is the most economical and cleanest burning fuel. Most Durham Region residents have access to natural gas and are utilizing gas furnaces. This means other appliances can also be converted to gas, saving you money and helping to reduce your carbon footprint. For example, a gas barbeque is 87% cheaper to run than a propane one. Check out this quick calculator to see how much money you could be saving by converting your appliances – calculate now!

Rodman’s offers natural gas line installations for patio heaters, gas fireplaces, barbeques, clothes dryers, ranges, and most other gas appliances. Our certified installers will provide you with your natural gas system requirements in accordance with the guidelines set out by the Ontario Gas Code Regulations.

Natural gas is one of the safest sources of energy. However, it is highly flammable and, like any burning fuel, can produce odourless carbon monoxide. If you have a carbon monoxide concern or suspect that you have a leaking gas line, don’t try to solve the problem yourself. You can rely on Rodman’s to resolve the issue for you.