A humidifier can help improve your comfort indoors and help to maintain a healthy environment so you can breathe a little easier. They also reduce static electricity, eliminate dried, cracked furniture and hardwood and make your home more comfortable.

Rodman’s supplies and installs flow-through humidifiers. Water is dispersed evenly throughout a Vapor Pad® inside the unit. A portion of the heated air from the furnace passes through the water-soaked pad where it absorbs additional moisture and then returns for distribution throughout your home. Newly-moistened and healthier air is provided to you and your family.

Research has shown that 40-60 percent relative humidity provides a comfortable and healthy environment for your woodwork, furniture, plants, pets and especially you and your family.

Air Cleaners

Electronic Air Cleaners (purifiers) work on the principle of Electrostatic Precipitation. Millions of airborne pollutants are carried through the return air ducts of the heating/cooling system in your home and are treated through four stages of filtration. Special filters remove airborne irritants such as dust, mites, pollen, mold, bacteria, viruses, pet dander and tobacco odor.

Benefits include:

  • Highly effective for allergy and asthma sufferers
  • Lifetime filter system (when maintained properly)
  • Silent operation
  • Protects and prolongs the operating efficiency of your heating and cooling equipment
  • Very low operating cost
  • Improved indoor air quality, making your home fresher and more comfortable all year round



Thermostats control the climate within the home. Digital thermostats come in both non-programmable and programmable models. Non-programmable models have an up and down button and the user manually increases and decreases the temperature as required.

Programmable thermostats can help conserve energy. They can be programmed to automatically decrease the heat or raise the air conditioning at times when it is not needed as much (e.g. at night, while you’re at work or on vacation).